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The varieties and uses of gas change from industry to industry. This article is going to outline some of the most important gases used, and the typical industries they are used in.

Gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene are indispensable tools that drive many industries. 

Gases are a crucial tool in power and heating, material manufacturing such as plastics and plasterboard, food production, packaging and much more.

At Vermac we are happy to say that we service clients in all of these industries throughout Ireland.


Nitrogen is a commonly used gas best known for its application in explosives, or for producing the ammonia required to produce fertilizers. 

It’s also an essential tool for:

  • Food packaging: Compressed nitrogen is commonly used to displace oxygen which can give food a longer shelf life.
  • Laser cutting: Nitrogen is an essential tool in the steel industry. It’s used as a purging gas to assist blow away liquefied material and produce a stronger stainless, more corrosion resistant product. 
  • Electronics: Nitrogen is commonly used in the process of assembling electronics to help two electronic components form a permanent connection.

Other than breathing, oxygen also has a broad commercial use. 

Oxygen has many applications, most notably in the mining and manufacturing processes of steel and other metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum production, glass, and ceramics manufacturing. 


Carbon dioxide gas is involved in the manufacturing of cooling systems, welding systems, procedures for water treatment (water pH stabilization), and carbonated drinks. 

It is also used to increase the hardness of casting molds and as a soldering agent in the metals industry. In different fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide is present and stops oxygen from further fueling a fire. 

For the most part, we thank carbon dioxide for providing us with bubbly drinks. 

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Helium is frequently used as a coolant because it can be safely reduced to cryogenic temperatures. Helium is used as a cooling medium for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and the superconducting magnets in MRI scanners and NMR spectrometers.


Hydrogen is traditionally used for petroleum refining, glass purification, semiconductor manufacturing and in pharmaceuticals, but it’s quickly finding new applications due to its safety for the environment.


The use of Argon as an inert gas shield in arc welding and cutting is exceptionally important for the metal industry.

Argon is used in the processing of titanium and other reactive elements and as a safe environment for rising silicon and germanium crystals. 

Welders use argon to shield the region of the weld and to avoid oxygen from corroding the filament in incandescent light bulbs.


Acetylene is not as well known as helium or hydrogen, but it has some of the most varied  industrial uses.

Acetylene finds its purpose in the manufacturing process of chemicals, polyethene plastics, and lighting.

 The metal uses of acetylene, including welding, grinding, and heat treatment, make it highly relevant for the motor industry. 

This colourless gas is also suitable for different products for flame gouging, spot heating, hardening, texture, drying, and thermal spraying.

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This article only looks at a brief number of gases used throughout various industries in Ireland. Many can be extremely dangerous in the event of an accident and/or leak. That is why both Vermac and our clients ensure the highest quality instruments are used and regular testing occurs on-site.

Our tools and services can reduce the risk of accidents, increase productivity and save on costs.