Gas Detection Systems

Vermac Gas Systems is working with Atest-Gas Systems to bring high-quality, cost-effective Gas Detection Systems to the Irish and UK market.

Our Gas detectors can be used for the detection of flammable gases, asphyxiants, and toxic gases to help protect your people and your equipment.

Our Gas detection systems are used in a variety of settings such as:

  • HVAC installations
  • Garages and underground car parks
  • Halls heated by gas
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Agricultural Settings
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Gas detection systems

Gas detection is a necessity in many workplace settings. Undetected gas can cause an array of health and safety concerns along with costing various industries millions. The safety of your employees and the costs associated with gas leaks and problems should be a top priority.

At Vermac Gas we supply and fit some of the worlds best-fixed gas units and monitoring systems. Vermac gas work with A-test gas to bring our customers the most up to date gas detection systems on the Irish market.

Gas detection systems are fitted and tested to ensure overall safety, we monitor and test your systems to ensure that the right gases and detected and that their levels never reach and critical level.

Depending on the requirements gas detection systems can be calibrated to pick up on the slightest changes in oxygen levels, whether safety levels have been reached and to inform of any leaks or potential issues. Gas detection can include oxygen level depletion, a rise in, flammable or toxic gas levels including carbon monoxide and other often used production gases. Early detection is paramount, and we deploy the latest tech and sensor to ensure our clients are safe.

Fixed gas detection systems

Gas detection units can be wall-mounted, concealed and unintrusive depending on the setting and the available space and design creativity. Detection systems are designed to alert in case of danger and leaks, but we believe it is also important to not instil fear.

Gas detection devices and placement

There are several different devices used for gas detection and monitoring. Below is a brief glossary of some of the equipment used in gas detection systems. These assist both in terms of safety and to monitor gas usage.

Don’t forget that leakages can also cost you money and time in terms of repairs and wasted gas. Detection systems are vital for a business’s success.


Gas detection sensors are deployed in areas that need to be protected from gas or that may be open to transmission, this includes hallways, labs and production line areas. Gas meters must be calibrated to both detect high levels of harmful gases and to monitor the air quality within some units. A drop in air quality and oxygen levels is a major indicator that there are foreign gases present in the air.

Detector height

Certation gases can rise and fall depending on their configuration. It’s important to have detectors located at heights that will safely detect different gases. The placement also allows for better concealments and non-intrusive deployment of gas detectors especially in space-sensitive areas.


The number of sensors deployed over a given area is based on the floor size of your factory and/or workshop. To meet specific legislation and safety rules it is necessary to follow company-specific regulations. It’s important to ensure detectors are spaced apart but not so far as to leave “open areas” where leakages and gas can build up.

We recommend placing detectors by doorways, ventilators and other gas-sensitive locations where leakages can be detected quickly.

Control panel

Gas detection and monitoring systems are noting without an expertly crafted and functional control panel that not only registers gas but also the changes within your system. Vermac gas work in conjunction with Geovap to provide you with access to the AVE automatic metering system. From here you can monitor gas and energy consumption and changes and any issues which may arise with your sensors and devices. Gas detection alarms and security systems can be alerted to flammable gases, oxygen depletion, carbon monoxide, among others. This modern and functional control panel can be set up as an assigned workstation or organised to work remotely. The use of smart metering and detection systems allows for a more streamlined and non-intrusive methodology’ when it comes to gas detection.

Why gas detection systems are important?

Fixed gas detection systems and mobile gas detection systems are important in a huge array of industries primarily, food, chemical and petroleum production. Poisonous and flammable gases can cause injury, damage and death to your workforce. Having an expertly engineered, fitted and monitored gas detection system will help to prevent any incident within your plant from occurring.

Legislative and regularity bodies insist on certain safeguards to be put in placed and Vermac gas is here to meet those requirements and alleviate any issues you may have.

Lastly, gas released into the atmosphere even in small quantities can cost a business millions. By using mobile sensors and fixed place sensors you can detect any small leakages or discharges along with your gas network. You can then call the experts here at Vermac gas and we can investigate solving your issues and ensure your plant is operating at maximum capacity.

Gas sensors and detection systems along with routine maintenance will save your company millions and allow you to continually produce goods safely and effectively.

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