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Elcor Datcom 3G


The Elcor Volume Corrector is designed to be a compact, versatile device integrating metrological measurement, telemetry and communications capabilities.



-High Accuracy and reliable measurement

-Robust Design

– Modular Technology

– MID and Atex Approved

-Long Battery life


-Tamper Proof


Housed in an IP66 rated Glass fiber Polycarbonate case with lockable closing mechanism these devices are tamper and weather resistant.


Simplified Technical Spec

  • Power: Lithium Battery up to 11 years
  • Serial Communications: 1 x RS232 or RS485
  • Optical Communications: HIE-04 Optical interface
  • Wireless Communications: 3G Modem
  • Digital inputs: 3x (LF or Binary)
  • Digital outputs: 2x (LF or Binary)
  • Analogue inputs(4-20mA): None
  • Analogue outputs(4-20mA): 2 x (using external module CLO)


Supported Encoders


Digital transducers

-Up to two digital transducers